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Craving some genuine social closeness? 

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Join our wonderful facilitators and other players from around the Globe.

Likeminded or completely different people, the Integration Game will help you mingle smoothly.

Why should you join us?

(if you answer yes to at least one of the statements below, these sessions are definitely for you!)

  • you can’t travel at the moment and you’d love to meet new people from around the world
  • you’re not a fan of superficial or judgemental discussions and crave genuine connection in a safe space
  • you love to learn new things about yourself in a fun and open environment
  • you are facing some tough decisions or hard times and need some answers or ideas
  • you would love to learn more about human nature and be inspired by other people’s stories

Self - Coaching - Group coaching - Interconnection

The Integration Game has the super power to bring you the answers you most need right now.

This is an experience that enhances your emotional and social intelligence, focusing on:

001 self awareness

Self Acceptance

embrace your light & shadows

003 self confidence

Inner Power

expand your gifts and talents

018 mental health


know your path and own your steps

022 emotional intelligence


co-create the world you want to live in

What do I get?

  • 2 hours of mind-blowing & heart-opening dialogue, packed with value, with a facilitator and peers supporting your journey
  • an abundance of answers and messages ready for you to discover among 420 cards
  • connection and friendships across borders (at times, rather deep friendships)
  • fun, play and self-discovery all at the same time
  • an instrument that enhances your self – coaching abilities, empathy, emotional and social intelligence

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How to get the most of it?

  • Book a session.
  • Read the e-mail we send you for further info.
  • Watch the short video with the game instructions.
  • Play the Integration Game for two hours.
  • Give us feedback.
  • Come back and play again.

You're in good company


Life Coach, Trainer & Musician

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Writer, Women Circle Host

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Our Online Facilitators

Daniela DORU

Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach

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Rehabilitation Medicine MD.

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Holistic Coach & Host

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Mihaela BACANU

Life coach / Journaling evangelist

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Software Developer

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Civil Engineer, Social Catalyst

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Kriya Yoga Teacher

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Filmmaker, Artist

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Life Coach & Sustainable Living Facilitator

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Feminine Embodiment Facilitator

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