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Kriya Yoga Teacher

Ana is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who combines creative playfulness with a deep inner journey. Her initial search took her to India, where she became a student and teacher of Kriya Yoga of the Siddhanath Parampara (tradition).

She loves painting, journaling, creating toys as well as hiking, rock-climbing and being in nature.

As she began releasing and transforming layers of emotional and mental heaviness into the lightness of joy and trust through meditation, being present and self-awareness, she is happy to share and empower people to find their own spiritual and creative path.

When she first played the Integration Game, she was amazed at how quickly masks came off and people opened their hearts to each other, and she is now honored to facilitate such deep spaces of connection for other people.

You can contact Ana in the following areas:

* Kriya Yoga Initiation

* Surya Yoga

* Personal development

* Digital illustration & graphic design

* Self-transformation through creativity

* Artistic collaboration

Languages: Romanian, English