Anca Cristina MĂCĂU

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Anca Cristina Macau

Innovation Programs Facilitator

Since she was little, Anca was captivated by the mysteries of the world, and for a long time her steps were guided by questions to understand them, from micro to macro cosmos, from cells to stars and planets.

She spent the last 8 years hosting creativity and innovation workshops around the world, following the same fascination for the human mind and how new ideas are born into this world. She always loved questions more than the answers, and with each experience she was led to deeper inner discoveries and development of herself.

Her passion for life and her innate curious spirit are joined by her love for nature and art. She believes Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all, and also our biggest support in unraveling our inner creative force.

Currently, she plays with her inner artist creating mandalas and macrame home decor in her studio at

Languages: Romanian, English