Daniela DORU

daniela doru

Daniela DORU

Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and Voice of Joy

Daniela has spent the last 20 years discovering personal growth in all areas of her life. She started her journey by studying other people’s behaviours and patterns, until she realized all the external stimuli coming her way were reflections of her own inner world.

Fulfilling many roles – mother, wife, teacher, friend, sister, daughter – she had to learn how to bring balance to her own life in order to turn potential conflicts into deep connection with all those around her, and into fulfilling and joyful relationships.

Daniela learns with her heart to cultivate her mind, and is passionate about creating safe emotional spaces, both offline and online, in which others can do the same. She embodies the acceptance and joy of life, and lives in Love.

Now, she works with parents, teachers and  young people in workshops and individual sessions, offering a safe space for self discovery through the principles of Mindfulness, NonViolent Communication, Holistic Education, empathy and a profound acceptance of everyone exactly as they are.

You can contact Daniela in the following areas:

Life Coaching




NonViolent Communication

Languages: Romanian, English.