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Filmmaker, Artist

Originally from Romania, Daria Hupov is a film editor based in Cambridge, UK, though her interests lie in all stages of film production, from writing an idea or script, to bringing it all together neatly through the wonders of post-production. Daria works on a diverse range of film projects, including documentaries, short fiction films and social media content.

In her free time, she keeps her giddy geeky heart happy through writing poetry and diary entries, cycling, playing board games, growing her houseplant collection and reading a variety of science books. Daria’s love for the Integration Game bloomed during the development stages, when she tested a mock version of it for the first time back at the beginning of 2019. The game’s purpose resonated with her desire of creating a safe space where deep and meaningful conversations can flourish, regardless of people’s worldviews or background.

You can contact Daria in the following areas:

film editing,


artistic collaborations

Languages: Romanian, English