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Life Coach & Sustainable Living Facilitator

Diana cultivates contexts of harmonious living, a life with more joy, clarity, gentleness and meaning. Through coaching, she empowers people to (re)create the path of their own lives, with creativity, power and authenticity, for the sake of inner health and outer abundance.

The smell of damp earth, the feet caressed by the morning dew, the scent of roses and the sun embalming her body can always stop time for Diana.

As an educator for sustainable living, for the past 10 years Diana has facilitated learning contexts for people from over 15 cultures and 3 continents. This professional journey offered her the gift of exploring a beautiful diversity of organizational environments, from  start-ups to corporations, NGOs,  educational institutions, local governments, regional agencies and embassies.

You can contact Diana in the following areas:

– Life Coaching (private sessions)

– Hosting and Facilitation of workshops, trainings and camps for Harmonious Living (Online & Offline)

– Slow Living- Zero Waste Living – Circular Economy (Coaching, Consultancy and Training)

Languages: Romanian, English