Ioana-Alexandra BĂRBOSU

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Ioana-Alexandra BARBOSU

Civil Engineer, Social Catalyst, Holistic Chef

Romania is the country that nurtured Ioana’s deep roots, and for the last five years Canada has become the home that continues to nourish her life experience. A construction engineer by profession, Ioana’s cartesian structure is gently harmonized by her passion for holistic food, art and dance. Due to her sense of organization, team spirit, interpersonal skills and especially her love and respect for people, Ioana easily creates spaces and facilitates experiences where all participants feel at ease.

Ioana loves the mountains and finds pleasure in nature, where she often practices Kung-Fu. She is fascinated by the biodiversity of life, feels inspired by deep conversations with people and she likes to travel around the globe.

What fulfills Ioana is the joy of harmoniously living an authentic life, day by day, moment by moment, in these extraordinary times.

Spoken languages: Romanian, English, French, Spanish