Mihaela BĂCANU

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Mihaela BACANU

Life coach / Journaling evangelist

I am a free spirit, enjoying my life, getting every day closer to the best version of myself. I truly believe that we all have an incredible potential and we are capable of doing amazing things as long as we give ourselves the permission to do so.

I find meaning in guiding, supporting and contributing to people tapping into their highest potential and fulfilling their dream life through coaching, training and creating personalised journaling experiences.

The things which bring me pleasure: running, catching the sunrise, hiking and the beauty of nature, boardgames, colouring mandalas, travel, reading and writing on my blog:  https://mihaelabacanu.wordpress.com

Since my passion for coaching and journaling leads me to explore powerful questions, Integration Game is tailor made for me. I am always searching to have authentic conversations and build meaningful connections, that’s why I love and I am grateful for hosting it.

Languages: Romanian, English, Spanish

You can contact Mihaela for



journaling or simply if you want to begin writing more and you don’t know where to start from.