You're in the right place if you are...

1. In a relationship
Are you in a relationship and could use a new way to connect with your partner?
2. Single
Or are you single and want to deepen your relationship with yourself to understand how you relate to others?
3. Therapist / coach
Are you a therapist or a coach looking for a safe space beyond therapy?
4. Foreigner
Are you a foreigner looking to connect with the local community, or an English-speaking Romanian excited to connect with the expat community?

About the events

The Slow Talk, Tiny Sips, and Cozy Connections: Friday Integration Soirée evenings are designed especially for you to sit around a colorful boardgame as you:

  • meet people brought together by the same interests and values, 
  • be inspired by fresh perspectives on living life, 
  • are seen and heard with your own truth, 
  • find genuine connections beyond the masks and superficialities of everyday life.

Plus, you have the opportunity to meet Cristela Georgescu (Author, Publisher& Health educator) and Celestina Dumitriu (Psychotherapist, Clinical psychologist, University Lecturer) in person, as well as our surprise guest from the international evening.

You can find details for each event below. 

Bring your friends and join us for a different, fresh, intimate, and real event.


Decompressing with Integration Game for Therapists and Coaches

RO session

📅 3 November @ 18:30

🎙 Guest: Celestina Dumitriu, Psychotherapist, Clinical psychologist, University Lecturer

📌 Tucano Coffee House Guatemala

Freshness in Relationships with Integration Game

RO session

📅 17 November @ 18:30

🎙 Guest: Cristela Georgescu, Author, Publisher& Health educator

📌 Tucano Coffee House Guatemala

Meeting Global Nomads: English Game Session

EN session

📅 24 November @ 18:30

🎙 Surprise Guest

📌 Tucano Coffee House Guatemala

It’s IMPORTANT to register through the form, and if for any reason you can’t make it, please let us know because we have limited seats available and you not showing up means you’d be forfeiting another person’s chance to be there.

What is The Integration Game?

The Integration Game is an experience of self-discovery and personal & relational transformation in the form of a versatile board game. Combining playful and relaxed conversations with authentic interaction, the game naturally develops the emotional and relational intelligence of players from 8 to 88 years old.

The game was created in Romania and is used primarily by:

  • Families and friends
  • Teams and groups from organizations and events
  • Therapists/counselors/coaches in individual and group sessions
  • Teachers and educators
  • Artists

With 420 cards containing intriguing questions and creative challenges, the Integration Game promotes a deep exploration of thoughts, emotions, and relationships. Players place their pawns on a colorful canvas and move with the help of dice, with each of the seven colors of the cards representing a life domain.

Whether you intuitively draw a card from the box to start a conversation or self-reflection or spend 2-3 hours around the game board with friends or colleagues, Integration Game facilitates 

  • open communication, 
  • empathy, and
  • deep connections 

quickly and easily.

What do you ''gain'' in this non-competitive game?

🌞 Self-awareness: You explore and understand your own emotions, thoughts, and reactions, and recognize yourself in the sharing of other game participants.

🍃 Improved communication skills: Communication around the game is open and authentic, so you naturally deepen empathy, deep listening, and congruent expression.

🌳 Building interpersonal relationships: Witnessing the authenticity of others and going beyond the superficial, you can find friends in a single game session who can be more real than those from the past, or you can take your current relationships to a new level of depth.

🌟 Exploring emotions: The game offers a safe platform to explore, recognize, and understand emotions. And maybe even make friends with them.

What do the players say

“This game seems to know me!”

 “It’s more than a game. A transformational experience.”

 “I’m delighted to have discovered this game. The cards’ questions made us open up, express ourselves freely, and listen to each other more than we’ve ever done. I feel joy, liberation, and gratitude.”

The game is available in Romanian and English.
You can find more information on the official page:

It’s IMPORTANT to sign up using the form, and in case you can’t make it for any reason, please let us know, as the spots are limited, and your absence would take the place of someone else who would like to be there.

Bring your friends and come to a different, fresh, intimate, real event.

With love,
The Integration Game& Tucano Coffee House